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Your Head:
An Owner's Manual
Understanding and Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

About the Authors

Armin Brott

Armin Brott, a spokesman for the Men's Health Network, has written about men's health for many national publications. He's also the best-selling author of seven books on fatherhood, which have helped millions of men around the world become the fathers they want to be and that their children need them to be.
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Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, Pharm.D.

Dr. Giorgianni is Assistant Professor and Director of Experiential Education and Development at the Belmont University, School of Pharmacy. He is an expert in men's health and is a registered pharmacist. Dr. Giorgianni has authored, co-authored or presented some 200 works in health care, industry regulation and business. He is an advisor and board member to several health advocacy associations including: Men's Health Network; American Osteopathic Medical Foundation; Kappa Psi Scholarship Foundation; Nurse Practitioner Health Care Foundation and the National Association for Continence. He has also directed several publications, including the Pfizer Careers In Health Care series and The Pfizer Journal: Perspectives in Health Care and Biomedical Research

Scott T. Williams

Mr. Williams is Vice President of Professional Relations and Public Policy for Men's Health Network and Contributing Editor for the American Journal of Men's Health. He is an expert on successful strategies for motivation and outreach to men.

Harry Howitt, PhD, USAF Col. Ret.

Dr. Howitt is Past President of the Air Force Society of Clinical Psychologists. He is former chief of the Community Behavioral Health Service at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

Advisory Board: Your Head: An Owner's Manual

The Advisory Board of Your Head: An Owner's Manual is a group of men and women-psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, public health experts, social workers, and advocates for men's health-working together toward the common goal of improving the health, longevity, and quality of life for men and their families from all walks of life.

You can read more about the Authors, Contributors and Advisors here.

Jean Bonhomme, MD, MPH
David Gremillion, MD
Sal Giorgianni, PharmD
Himansu Basu, MD, MPH
Michael E. Lamb, PhD
Scott Williams
Demetrius J. Porche, DNS, PhD(c), APRN
Richard Doblin, PhD
Erik Bohlin, MA, LMHC
Ryan Cooper, Esq.
Susan Milstein, DEd
Brian Dodge, PhD
John Halpern, MD
Betty Gallo
Alphonso Gibbs, MSW
Richard Kennedy, MD
Marika Ripke, PhD
Karla Ortiz, CHES
Miles Groth, PhD
Judy Seals-Togbo
Harry Howitt, PhD, USAF Col. Ret.
Robert Janssen
Perry Karfunkel, MD
John Guidubaldi, DEd
Jordan Kosberg, PhD, ACSW
Jerry Arthur-Wong, PsyD, RCC
James Sniechowski, PhD
Gordon Finley, PhD
Francisco Semiao, MPH
Kristopher Kaliebe, MD
Judith Shervin, PhD
Jerry Lester, PhD
Al Cors, Jr.
James A. Morning, MSgt, USAF Ret.
Greg Millan, Ass.Dip.SW
Sia Elsie Minja, MPH
Theresa Morrow
Lea Perritt, PhD
Faith Protsman, MD
Dickson Awah, MPH
Jerome Sachs, LCSW
Alicia Saunders, PhD
Brandon Leonard, MA
Edward Stephens, MD
David Arnaudo, CPA
Robert Zettler, MBA

Table of Contents



About the Authors